Visual Art & Creativity

Make a list of the things you are interested in. (pets, sports, hobbies, human behaviour, nature, anatomy, environmental concerns, space).

Is there something you have always wondered about and could this interest provide the focus and motivaation for a piece of art work?

Does your school have Scienticic or Technological equipment that could be represented in your art work?

Select two or three items on your list and for each one complete a brainstorm with a friend, parent or teacher, as a means of investigating ways you could present your ideas as art work. Work through a series of small sketches to develop your ideas before deciding on a specific topic.


Creativity steps

  1. Use a Visual diary to record of your thoughts through notes and diagrams to the development of your ideas.
  2. Do some background research around your chosen topic. The more work you do at this stage the more information you will have available to support the development of your ideas.
  3. Talk to your mentor to get help on select materials art making approaches and images to influence the direction of your art work.
  4. Consider the scale (size) and presentation of your final art work.
  5. Check your exhibit against the Judging Criteria.
  6. Think of questions the judges could ask. Don't forget your diary.

SCITEC Sponsors

Thank you to the SciTec sponsors who make the science fair possible.

Age Groups, Categories and Prizes

Information about the entry age groups, categories and prizes at the Marlborough Lines Science and Technology Fair.

Powering Potential Programme

Powering Potential will not only challenge Year 12 and 13 students but will also enhance their problem solving, team building and collaboration skills.

Past Exhibits Gallery

Take a look at some examples of past exhibits that were successful at the Marlborough Lines Science and Technology Fair.

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