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Technology Design

Make a list of the problems you, your friends, parents and grandparents have.

Is there something they need but have trouble getting?

Is there a quicker way of doing a task that takes along time?

Is there something being wasted which you could find a use for?

Do you know any body who has special problems or a disability?

Which problem could you solve that looks the most interesting?

Ask the people involved with the problem what their needs are.

Technology Design - Solving problems

What need or
opportunity are you trying to meet?

Need or Problem

Is it a problem or need you can solve?
Do solutions already exist?
Study the need/ problem.
Explore the opportunities.

Gather info on need / problem

Collect info about the need. Survey people. Look for
How are you going to approach the problem? List the steps you will take.

Develop a plan

List your ideas and select the best one to work on.
Get help from an expert.
Produce your first  design or solution to solve the problem.

Design a Prototype / solution

Make a model. Carry out some fair tests.
How well is it working?
Does it meet the need or solve the problem? Could it be used by anyone?

Test and Evaluate

Trial your prototype. Measure & record how well it works.

Check your project against the Judging Criteria

Your prototype will help someone. Share your design.
Go into production.

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